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 16 Sept 2017
 17 Sept 2017
 Evolving Human Consciousness Canada  
 Shakti Durga
 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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24 Sept
1 Oct
Waking Up More Love - Colorado  
Shakti Durga
Beaver Creek,Colorado USA
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 11 Nov 2017
 18 Nov 2017
 Infinite Grace, Strength and Love: Coming Home to Self  
 Gayatri Kamadhenu
 Peedam Register Now
 18 Nov 2017
 19 Nov 2017
 Evolving Human Consciousness Adelaide  
 Shakti Durga
 Adelaide, S.A. Australia
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 2 Jan 2018
 13 Jan 2018
 Awakening the Inner Rishi
 Shakti Durga
 Rishikesh, India
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 14 Jan 2018
 23 Jan 2018
 Growing in Awareness of the One: The Interconnectedness of All Souls
 Shakti Durga
 Peedam, india
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Why a Shakti Durga Retreat?

Retreats with Shakti Durga are powerful and mystical journeys into the world of the extraordinary. The retreats last anywhere from a weekend to a few weeks and are held in Australia and around the world. These intensive spiritual escapes truly allow you to retreat and explore your true inner self.

Retreats also provide Shakti Durga with a prolonged opportunity to serve as Guru by bathing her students in Shakti (spiritual energy) allowing for phenomenal clearing, healing and transformation. Retreats are also an excellent opportunity for students to awaken to their true potential and unique mission in life.


Read what previous retreat participants have said about their experiences.  Click "More" below.

"Deep transformative inner changes & realizations that will last forever, so grateful." – J.D.

"I’ve never felt safer and more loved for an entire week than I have been during this retreat." - N.S.

"An incredible experience of transformation, insight, fun, love, laughter & tears. Thank you so much for creating such a safe & loving environment for me to go within & free myself. Namaste, much love." - G.K.

"I loved this retreat. There was a spirit of community and deep love. It transmitted all barriers in age, color, religion, race or creed. There was healing on all levels."

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Shakti Durga is the founder, spiritual head and inspirational leader of Shanti Mission. She is a living Guru whose teachings focus on the development of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health.

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What you can expect

Retreats are sacred experiences of awakening to deep authenticity and connection. Layer after layer of old energy, limiting thoughts, and restrictions of all kinds that hold us back from our true inner magnificence are burned away in the Divine fire of Guru. Expect colour, excitement, music, fun, magical tours of sacred places, deep transformational ritual and ceremony, blessings, heart opening and much more.

Retreat Types

Retreats are held throughout the year at key times in the calendar and when spiritual energy is at its most potent. Shakti Durga also travels internationally each year to reach out to devotees and new initiates and to help her students experience the energies of many sacred lands and places.

Residential retreats are held in Australia and overseas. These begin with an early morning session, meditation, pranayama, chanting and perhaps yoga before breakfast, then sessions in the morning or outings, usually a rest after lunch before the evening session, then supper and bed.

Non-residential retreats run generally from 9.30am to around 5pm with breaks for morning tea and lunch. These are also very powerful experiences, and Shakti Durga as well as Her senior disciples know how to distill the essence of what we need with warmth, humour, and compassion. Expect to feel different, as though you have been on holidays for months, and change your concepts about yourself and your life… as you uncover the mystery of your existence.

Higher Guidance Seminar Series represents a deeper, more advanced path for seekers of enlightenment. Shakti Durga has drawn on a wide range of teachings and modalities to synthesise a rich cosmology of ancient wisdom and teachings in this series of insightful courses for advanced students. Some courses have prerequisites for registration

Our Difference

Retreats with SD and the team are unforgettable and unrepeatable. They do not follow a script. They are infused with living spirit, and are a true alchemy of the soul. Sometimes challenging, always supportive, with lots of healing, kundalini activation, chanting and Divine ecstasy, you wont regret your investment in yourself, truly these are experiences of a lifetime.